“Built up over 20 years of doing business in Asia,
my private list of approved service providers
is now made public on this website.
I hope you can benefit from it. Glad to help!” 
-Mike Bellamy

CSSC clients support some of the world's largest retailers and corporations

4 Most Popular Services:

3rd Party 100% Inspection & Customization

All buyers have concerns about their Asian supplier’s ability to achieve targets for quality, lead time and

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for more information

Red Flag Assessment for Scams

Review of supplier’s website, physical address, business license, quotation and bank account to expose red flags

all inclusive

Customized Advisory Services

This the ideal option if you are willing to do the heavy lifting of project management but want a seasoned China

$400 – 850
per month

General Counsel

Having China-based, English speaking legal counsel on retainer is a cost effective way to avoid pitfalls and

$300 – 4,000
monthly retainer

China Sourcing: Interactive Video Tutorials

China Sourcing AcademyIf you are importing, or thinking about importing products from China, and would like to learn the best practices and avoid common pitfalls… then this online course is for you.

Free China Sourcing Crash Course Available Now!

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